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Booking and Cancellation Policy During Pandemic

As all we know about the year 2020 has been ruined by Corona Virus (COVID-19) from every sector where the economy has been plunged and many professions have been dropped away. Likewise, the tourism sector is also greatly hampered as there was complete restriction to move from one place to another.  Happily, the Government of Nepal has announced to reopen all the tourism sector of Nepal and gave permission to operate the trips with necessary precautions and following the safety protocol published by Nepal Tourism Board. We were confident that we will rise again and lift our tourism sector again to run our Trekking and other adventure trips in coming years. By ensuring your 100% safety and following government rules and precautions, we have started receiving booking for year 2021 and future trips. We have designed a flexible booking plans considering this pandemic as plan can change during last moment and nothing is sure so that we somehow can support our clients.

$0 Deposit, $0 Cancellation Charge

We decide to receive booking for Nepal trips with $0 deposit and with $0 cancellation charge. So, for this there are certain terms and conditions to follow:

  • If you are planning to book your trip for 2021, you need to book before the end of December 2020 with $0 deposit. However, this policy doesn’t apply for Bhutan and Tibet Tour.
  • You will receive the booking confirmation email with necessary details to follow on the trip.
  • We will notify you about the operation of the trip through email before 10 days of the trip start date and you will need to deposit 20% to confirm as we need to book the hotel and secure permits for entire trip for your ease. 
  • If you could not able to deposit the amount before 30 days of trip start day, we will assume your wish to travel is being cancelled. 
  • If you need to cancel your trip, you will cancel 30 days before the trip starting day with $0 charge. In case you cancel your trip after 30 days. of trip starting day you will have to lose your deposit.
  • If you need to reschedule the trip, you need to inform the booking department before the end of the year 2020. Rescheduling the trip will be done at $0 cost.
  • There are no any hidden costs while you book your trip. 100% safe and flexible.
  • Mask and Sanitizer will be on top priority list along the trip so you need to carry these things for your own safety. But if you forget any of the things no need to worry about, we will provide each of you until the pandemic remain.
  • We are a local based tour operator and Know exactly the destination than anybody else.
  • Trips which are booked already doesn’t comprise with this policy, the policy is only applied to new individuals.


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