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These are handful people among our thousands of happy customer from over 25 years running trip in the Himalayas.

By Leonard

Jul 13 2016

Trek to Everest Base Camp is hardest thing I've ever done but the most rewarding. We did Everest Base Camp trek with Trekking Team Group. We had a fantastic time and would recommend TTG to anyone who wants to do this. Prior to the trip we were impressed with the information and advice we were given by email. When we arrived at Kathmandu we were met by our guide, Goku, who throughout our time in Nepal was extremely helpful and ensured that we enjoyed the trip and looked after all our needs. The trek itself was an amazing experience, and although we both suffered to some extent from the effects of altitude, we made it to the Base Camp. We would like to especially thank Goku and our Porter Tokpe for providing such a great experience, and would recommend TTG to anyone. 
Our trek was in early January and the weather was generally sunny with a few overcast days and one overnight snowfall. The temperature was pleasant for walking in the daytime, but it was extremely cold when the sun went down. The food was included in the price of the trip which made it very easy and great value for money.

By Alexander

Jul 06 2016

Trekking Team Group organized our trek to Mustang last month. Originally we had thought about Annapurna but switched over to Mustang as it would be less affected by monsoon. Turned out we made a right decision.Shree and his company offer first class support. Lakpa, our guide, was very helpful and a right man to do the job. Flights, hotels and staff service - all top notch. Definitely recommended.

By Merle
New Zealand

Jun 30 2016

If you are reading this review as part of your planning to go sightseeing and trekking in Nepal, you won't regret contacting Shreehari CEO and his team at Trekking Team Group. I was with a group of mature retired aged women who put our lives in the hands of this group and who came home knowing we had just experienced the tour of a lifetime. I couldn't speak high enough about the Nepali people we came in contact with, they know how to make sure you are comfortable and go out of their way to make you feel welcome, special and most of all safe in their care. Most importantly they plan the tour to your interests and abilities, if something was too difficult on the day, no worries we'd take a different route.

The earthquake will not have changed this experience, the people are so resilient and they welcome you with the local greeting, Namaste, at every corner. The personal attention of having a staff member at your elbow always was so comforting in this foreign, but outstandingly beautiful country. Just do it! Book with Trekking Team Group.

By Emma

Jun 22 2016

We did this trek a year back. Ghorepani Poon-hill trek is a colorful and short adventure into the Annapurna region. The views were stunning and the entire forests were colorful with Rhododendron blooming.
Our guide and porters were the best among many we saw on the trail. They were friendly, experience and with fun.
We will use this company again when we come for next trek in Nepal!


Jun 17 2016

Like Wow . Where to even begin this Review !??
For those who want the short version , yes , it's a definite yes ,
Top Marks for this outfit .

My guide Birman (Mr. Birman to my Madam J.) and I trekked together for six weeks (yes , that's right 6 weeks !) in the Solu Khumbu region .
: I have been here before and wanted to retrace my steps from my last trekking trip , so started in Jiri and going 'bistare - bistare' (slowly - slowly) trekked to Namche onto Everest way , then crossed to Gokyo and back to Namche before trekking out again -- with many side trips . (as opposed to flying into and out of Lukla like most ppl do nowadays) .

Mr. Birman was courteous , knowledgable , polite , funny , and always helpful ; he was always willing and able to accommodate my various wishes re pace of our trek (I like it at a comfortable pace , want to be in the 'here-and-now' , take time to look around and engage with local people , time to 'smell the roses' so to say ) or regarding as to where to stay / eat / stop . Has no hidden agendas of trying to stir you to places of His choosing / interests like many other guides do .

Mr. Birman (he's 26 years old this year , I am quite a bit older , but at his suggestion we established our monikers early on in our trek :) ) is strong and fast : On our third day out I've gotten terribly dehydrated and faint , asked him to go ahead and find us accommodation and have some food and water / Fanta ready for me . He did all that , then came back to take and carry my backpack to ease my burden . Saved the day ! .

Some days I prefer hiking alone , some days it is nice to have company. Mr. Bir was always accommodating , never obtrusive , we were able to establish great boundaries and rapport , clarified expectations early on , and had an absolutely seamless wilderness experience.

We had great conversations on many various topics (Birman speaks near perfect English and is a quick learner !) : I learned much about Nepal and its people , about local customs and issues , and he learned from me about environmental preservation (no tossing away of garbage !!) , about ethical treatment of animals (it's a definite concern in Nepal -- saw some very disturbing 'things') , he learned some finer points of what is expected of professional guides and always took suggestions on-board at face value. A great positive .

Taking our time we got to see many wildlife : deer , Himalayn Thar raiding a potato field , fox , many types of birds , even the very elusive National Bird of Nepal : a beautiful many-colored pheasant near MongLa .

During our long excursion I unfortunately caught a respiratory bug , and having been weakened by it at Altitude , was forced to take some rest days during which Birman brought me food to my room , allowing me to rest and recover. He went on a recon mission without prompting and found the nearest health post and arranged for me to visit it on our way from Pengboche to Portshe (btw. that is an Awesome trek . Breathtaking views and scenery. Highly recommended !!) , as my own antibiotics were ineffective .

This was the first trip for Mr. Bir to the Everest Region , but in every lodge we've gone to and stayed at , within minutes of arriving he was treated as a long seen friend , in many places the sure place to find him was the kitchen as he loves to (and is very good at) cook(ing) .
At mealtimes oh the comfort of not having to worry about anything as he has already taken care of all possible needs . Within a few days of starting our trek he had come to know and anticipate my (sometimes quirky) necessities : at altitude I sleep with a Nalgene bottle of boiled water every night -- great way to keep your bed / toes warm as you fall asleep , and in the morning you have water to drink that is not ice cold ;) ! I never had to ask for it , he has always looked after it without me needing to bother.
Nice x

What I'm trying to say is , Mr. Birman is one of those exceptional guides (people) who can (and care to) anticipate your needs in order to make your trek most enjoyable.
It truly is rare .

I am of the kind of people who likes to go after her own head , and it was important to me that I should be able to have a guide who allows for this and so I can relax and enjoy my time , my trek , putting one foot in front of the other , take time and stop when I feel like -- there's so much beauty to see , to experience , shame to just rush by !! -- , but in the sure knowledge that I have someone 'watch over' my safety and my comfort . Though many times out of sight , Birman was always close enough that should I need him , he's right there . That takes special talent lol !

Had many laughs learning the special Nepali way of telling time and distance , had some great meals and moments , met some wonderful people and I can hardly wait to go back . And be assured , if I am in need of any assistance or in need of a guide on my next trip I would once again engage the services of Trekking Team Group , and hope to have Mr. Birman as my guide .

Oh , and before I forget : after my trek was finished I stayed in Nepal for an additional couple of weeks during which Trekking Team Group and Mr. Birman was most helpful in suggesting destinations and arranging transportation . That's beyond the time I engaged their paid services .
Also , after Mr. Birman's return to KTM I had continued my time in the mountains for another month , trekking some two additional weeks , and every couple of days or so he'd inquire (when there was signal) as to my whereabouts and my well being. That's beyond the 'call of duty' as he was no longer engaged nor being paid as my guide . That is caring and I greatly appreciated it :) .

Further , as to Trekking Team Group : the trekking company provides filtered water for the whole length of a trek for solos as well as for groups in an effort to reduce the blight of the disposable plastic mineral-water bottles that get discarded and accumulate , thereby causing a severe pollution problem in this fragile ecological system .
They're a member of the 'TAP' organization : Trekkers Against Plastic .
A laudable effort imo , cutting down on the tons of debris.

More on : it is my understanding that Trekkers Team Group discourages elephant involved activities , as it has been clearly shown that this part of the tourism industry is rife with abuse and mistreatment of the animals.
An elephant died of heatstroke and heart attack just when I was in Nepal , due to lack of shade , lack of water , and overwork carrying tourist all day.
This should be stopped ! And if Trekking Tour Group is taking an active proactive role in stamping out this practice , all the better !

All in all a most wonderful experience , highly recommend this company :) .

By Martin J Ostrava
Czech Republic

Jun 15 2016

“Fantastic trekking in Solo Khumbu region”

Me and my friends made a trekking in the most famous region in Nepal - Sherpa region Solo Khumbu. We walked from Lukla up to Kala Patar, than through Phortse up again to Gokyo. The weather couldn´t be better. Trekking Team Group enable us to realize this wonderful trip. They offered us trustworthy guide together with the porters, they arranged fly tickets for both ways and also provided logistic support all the trek. We were very satisfied with their service and with given information about the journey. I am pretty sure about no looking for other trekking company next time :o) I can recommend TTG for all the trekkers and adventurers!


Czech Republic

By Alaric

Jun 13 2016

I arrived at Gokyo after visiting E.B.C. of Nepal on November 1st this year. I fell in love with the area at first glance. My group planned to walk along the glacier to see more lakes that afternoon. But it was foggy and chilly cold so we went back to the lodge shortly after departure. Luckly, the next morning was sunny and the sky was clear - ideal weather to climb Gokyo Ri. When we finally got to the top of Gokyo Ri, I was totally moved by the snow-coverd mountains, gorgeous glacier and beautiful apline lakes. The spectacular scenery has been carved into my mind and I've decided going back to Gokyo someday in the future.
Besides, I'm grateful for our guides Arjun for your accompany and lovely song; Karma, for carrying my backpack. If anyone who plans to climb Gokyo Ri., please take your time and adjust your breath, because the height gap is more than 500m (from 4,800m to 5,360m), and it'll be dangerous to walk too fast in such high altitude.
To those who love nature, I would suggest Gokyo without hesitation. You can get there through Chola Pass (after E.B.C.), or directly from Namche. No matter which way you choose, just enjoy the spectacular view. Highly recommend my tour Operator Trekking Team Group and Guide Arjun!

By Amalger

May 19 2016

This is my fourth visit to Nepal , all using TTG, but the first to the Annapurna region. TTG organized a personalized trek for me that included the complete Annapurna circuit, a side trip to Tilicho Lake, a ten day excursion to Upper Mustang and Lomanthang for the Tiji Festival, and a trek to Annapurna Base camp.The trip was perfect as was the support and organization by TTG. My guide, Goku, was encouraging, always happy and ready to help me accomplish my goals. If you want to get the most out of your stay in Nepal, TTG is the right company for you. They cover all of the logistics so you have no worries and can concentrate on the magnificence of the mountains, the culture, and local people you encounter. TTG provides the complete package. I cannot emphasize enough how having a guide enhances the experience you will have. They have knowledge of the terrain, the view points, the various cultures and religions, the trees, birds, animals as well as keep you safe. Every detail of my trip was managed superbly by TTG. I have no hesitations in recommending TTG for a five star experience.

By Marco

May 12 2016

We did Gokyo, Everest Base Camp and Kalapattar trekking in the late November. It was really great time on Himalaya!!! We were 9 members in our group and it was operated by Trekking Team Group. This leading Adventure Company is very professional and provided us very good service during our 17 days trekking
 At first we did Kathmandu sightseeing tour. Next day we flew around half hour to Lukla and started our trekking up to Gokyo Lake through Tyangboche Monastery, Everest Base Camp and Kalapattar. Mr  Krishna was our guide, he was very excellent and always helpful and there were other 5 porters who were very responsible. When we were at Gokyo the weather was wonderful and offering the amazing views of Himalayas. The entire trip was perfect, experience and Valuable on Himalaya. So we would like to thanks for Krishna and Trekking Team Group who operated us very good and unforgettable trip. As well we would like to recommend this company who is planning to visit Nepal at first time with group, single, children, couple etc.

By Ramon

May 12 2016

What a wonderful experience we had while we were in Nepal, doing volunteering after earthquake and trek to Poonhill was awesome. After earthquake and monsoon season in Nepal, there were less tourist compared to last year as per our guide Ratna and we really enjoy being our self mostly everywhere. So, if you are planning to go Nepal and trek to Poonhill, go with Trekking Team Group! Highly Highly recommended.

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