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These are handful people among our thousands of happy customer from over 25 years running trip in the Himalayas.

By Patrik
Czech Republic

Feb 03 2016

Recently I visited Nepal and had great holiday with Trekking Team Group. The company is run by Shree and his brother who are proud of his homeland and are so welcoming to foreign visitors. My first "encounter" occurred shortly after my arrival in Kathmandu when I was looking for a operator to organize Everest Experience flight. I was keen to book a flight to see the mountains as soon as possible as I have heard many good things about this flight. Shree immediately organized this flight for me on the day when I wished to go, picked me up from my hotel at 6.00am on the morning of the flight and was there at the airport to meet me afterwards. The flight with Yeti Airlines was a magical experience. Everyone has a window seat. We took off a little after the scheduled departure time once the early fog had cleared and, within minutes, were soaring past the towering snow clad caps of the Langtan Range. We flew for 45 minutes parallel to the ranges and the stewardess pointed put the various peaks as they came into view. Set against the dazzling blue of the early morning, the rugged, mountainous terrain evoked sighs of awe from all on the plane, especially when we each had our turn to view the scene from the cockpit. Not once did I feel anxiety about our proximity to the seemingly endless stretch of mighty mountains alongside which we just seemed to float, as the views were just so impressive. Everest appeared, a great exultant pyramid jutting into the sky, caressed softly on its mighty peak by a faint wisp of sunlit cloud. The mood on the plane was one of awestruck happiness. If you are seated on the left side of the plane you are closer to the mountains on the outward flight but if you sit on the right, you have the view up even closer on the return journey. It was good to be met afterwards by Shree who seemed genuinely happy for me when I returned, so delighted after the exhilirating flight.

I hope to return to Nepal in the not too distant future and to undertake more encounters with the landscape and people of this stunning country. In future, I will organise all my adventures with TTG Company. He brings an open, sincere and caring soul to the organisation of travel for his clients which just add a joyous layer of gentle Nepali humanity to the experience, making it all the richer.

By Berthold

Jan 15 2016

My wife and I planned a High passes trek of Everest through Trekking Team Group over the internet. The company was easy to deal with over email. The guide and driver greeted us at the Kathmandu airport and escorted us to the office where they briefed us on the trip. We then had dinner back at our Hotel which had good food. Four star hotel which was acceptable according to our standards. Our guide was Lakpa and he was top notch. He was polite, professional, quiet at times, but strong with his recommendations to keep us safe and healthy. For example, he explained that meat should not be eaten above Namche Bazaar. He would check for any symptoms of altitude sickness and had an emergency first aid kit on hand with medications commonly used to treat altitude sickness including Diamox and Ibuprofen. He was well versed in the culture and mountain environment based on his substantial experience leading trekking tours over the past 10+ years with over 100 trips under his belt. 

After the trip was over and we were back in Kathmandu, he took my wife and I out to the Thamel streets for shopping. We became friends and exchanged contact information at the end of the trip. He was genuine and sincere; he gave us confidence to trust him with his decision making and recommendation. Our porter was Lal and he did an excellent job carrying our bags over the mountain terrain. He was always courteous, on time, and delivered our bags before we even reached our destination. 

The trekking experience was more difficult than we initially imagined primarily due to the altitude related issues such as the cold temperature and 50% oxygen relative to sea level when we were 5500meters above sea level. Fortunately, we acclimatized by gradually ascending, and took a rested in Namche and Denboche. Our legs were sore by the end but the memory we had during this trek will last forever!


Jan 15 2016

If you are travelling to Nepal then you must contact them. They are best on what they do. Great service, good communication. Overall 10 / 10.

Peter Tadin
United States of America

Jan 13 2016

I brought a group of 28 adults to Nepal from Tibet for a four-night visit to this very interesting country that included two nights in Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park. The hotel chosen for the two nights in Kathmandu was the "Shanker Hotel" and the accommodation chosen at Chitwan was "Jungle Safari Lodge". Both of these places were fantastic! Shreehari, the owner of the company, did a fantastic job as the tour operator, Trekking Team Group, and was very responsive to my many e-mails and phone calls in preparing for this trip. He helped me design a custom itinerary that made best use of the time in Nepal and chose great restaurants for my group to eat at. Not having been to Nepal before, I was a bit apprehensive at choosing a tour operator especially with so many tour operators in Nepal to choose from, but this company did not disappoint me as I felt Shree was fair, gave me a good value for the money, and was honest. I also checked out references of his company prior to choosing his and they all checked out fine. Shree also accompanied my group to Chitwan and I felt he cared about my group's experience. Although we had a great tour experience and Shree was also our tour guide in Kathmandu, I suggested to Shree that for the Kathmadu tour that if he was going to be the tour guide, he just needs to talk more about the places we visited as my group was hungry for a lot of detailed information and history. The lunch location at Dhulikhel Resort between the TIbet border and Kathamdu was fabulous with its views of the valley and the famous Rumdoodle Restaurant in the old town area of Thamel in Kathmandu gave us a taste of home (i.e., steak, fries, etc.). Jungle Safari lodge, which Shree recommended to my group for our Chitwan experience, was an oasis in a very hot and humid area. Although it is notorious in Nepal for the electricity to be sporadic, for the most part it stayed on and we had A/C for the most part. We then flew back to Kathandu to make our connecting flight to Jaipur, India via Delhi, and Shree saw us off at the airport. Overall, the tour was fantastic and I would not hestitate using Trekking Team Group again and staying at the Shanker Hotel and Jungle Safari Lodge.

By Eoinat Timaru
New Zealand

Jan 05 2016

In March we made our first visit to Nepal. We were looked after really well by Shreehari and his staff.The trip was a great success, and gave us a good insight into the culture, customs, and way of life of the people, as well as some spectacular views of the mountains, and a close-up look at the wildlife. We were fortunate that Shreehari was able to accompany us on some of our excursions. He was able to give us extensive information about the land, buildings and people that we saw. We wholeheartedly recommend Trekking Team Group to anyone looking to have a touring / trekking holiday in Nepal

By Cesar

Dec 11 2015

I did a half day trip with Trekking Team Group  in Kathmandu Valley. 
My guide was Kishwor. He's a great professional guide who speaks English  well. 
The trip I did was 37 km, starting point Thamel in Kathmandu. It's great that you can escape the hectic of Kathmandu so easily by bike and be in the quite environment of Kathmandu valley with fascinating houses, children who are waving at you and some nice landscape views of the valley.
Kishwor took good care of me and made sure we had some stops to have a nice chai. 
If you like mountain biking, even just a little bit, I would definitely recommend you to get in contact with this company.
They can arrange trips from a half day to more days. Just go for it and enjoy!!

Petra B

Nov 26 2015

we have just completed a 14 day trek of the Annapurna Circuit with the Trekking Team Group. We all had an amazing trip, the company was very professional and reliable, they provided great porters and guide who made the trip unforgettable. The company also arranged really comfortable accommodation along the way and the tour guide and the porters took us to the best local restaurants during the journey. We learned a lot along the 14 days and saw some amazingand incredible places.
We had the chance to connect with our new Nepalese friends and we learnt heaps about these amazing people and their culture.
These amazing, friendly and beautiful people are always welcoming you with the biggest smile on their faces and they are always ready to provide you the best service, making you feel part of their family.
Massive thanks to the trekking team group, specially to our guide Goku, our super strong and loving porters Tika and Kamal - they made our holiday unforgettable.
We definitely recommend their service and we can not wait to start planning a new trip around Nepal with the trekking team group in the near future.
Regarding second thoughts about coming to Nepal, dont even think twice. Nepal is magic and its amazing and loving people are ready to receive you.



Nov 26 2015

Right from the beginning to the end we have been treated like family by this company. Everyone we have dealt with has greeted us with a smile, and provided us with a genuine and 'above expectation' service. We were originally unsure whether we needed a guide and porters, but I'm so happy we decided to do this as it made the experience that much more enjoyable. We gained local knowledge we would have not read about or heard ourselves, went off the main paths at times, and thoroughly enjoyed our time with guide Goku and porters Tika and Kamal. It's such a great time to visit Nepal as there are far less tourists since the earthquake, however it still has all the infrustructure and services for tourism. I also urge you to use a guide/porter service to provide support to the people and contribute to the economy, not to mention all the knowledge and fun that comes with it. We will return to Nepal and will contact trekking team group again, first of all to say hello to our new friends, as well as use their services. Thanks again for everything!

Craig R

Nov 26 2015

I recently completed a 2 week trek to the Annapurna region accompanied by my wife and another couple whom we are best friends with. When we decide to do the trip my wife had a recommendation to go with this company and even though i don't know you im giving you that same tip, no need to thank me.
Shreehari is the tour operator and i found him an especially good person to not only personally but professionally as well. Once we were on the trip our guide Goku was what i was looking for, a great sense of humor and an experienced professional. I have thanked them personally but i would like to make it public my gratitude for our porters Tika and Kamal whom not only did a great job but who were a pleasure to be around.
I wouldn't say that its a must to use a trekking company but if you do ill say it again im recommending this one.

By Larry
United States of America

Nov 20 2015

Great trek and fantastic people. Cannot recommend these guys enough, we picked the company off TripAdvisor because of their rating. From the word go, the exact price including what was included in the total price and what we had to pay for was explained. Very professional, honest and trust worthy. Our trek was pretty remote and we had to have a guide, which was part of the permit deal, unlike Everest base camp and Annapurna treks. 

Our guide Nima a local of the area, was brilliant, telling us about the local culture, and supportive, keeping us right, especially above the 4000m mark. 

The teahouses were pretty decent considering where we were. The chosen tea houses appeared to be the best in each village. And all under 4000m had really decent options other that just dal baht.

There were very few fellow trekkers on this trek (and not WiFi or phone coverage) which was pretty magic. However all of them appeared to have significantly more for their trips than us. 

Word of advice go with a reputable Nepalese company. All the European, UK, US and Aus/NZ companies outsource to them but charge you thousands extra for the privilege! 
Thank you Shree for the great trip!

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