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These are handful people among our thousands of happy customer from over 25 years running trip in the Himalayas.

By Adrian

Nov 12 2015

Happened to make a short 5 day trip to Nepal and while taking with Shree at Trekking Team office, we changed our mind to do some adventure sports. So we choose Bungee jump and swing & we could not have been happier. 

Extremely professional and hospitable people they carefully explain all activities and after that it is upto you to sign up for as many. It is complete value for money as a day trip to this place, which is a 3 hour drive from kathmandu includes a pickup and drop from kathmandu to the resort and lunch. Staying there is an even better option as they have well kept tents, covered with a roof to protect it from the elements. And all of it is complete value for money. 

We did the bungee jump and the canyon swing, which is done on the suspension bridge across the gorge. Run by professionals, they carefully explain the entire process and the staff is extremely polite and helpful and do a thorough job of ensuring you get the best experience. They claim it is the 3rd highest bungee jump in the world, though I cannot verify that. Overall my first bungee jump experience was beyond words and I could not have asked for a better setting. 

Saral N

Nov 05 2015

We, three girls from different countries met on a Nepal trek. After the trip, we had 1 full day free time so didn't know what to do as we had already seen the sights of Kathmandu. We came across Trekking Team Group and met shree. Knowing our thoughts he instantly offered us cooking class where we can cook momo. We agreed on his suggestion and went with Bir ( one of his guide) to the market to buy all the ingredients. It was fun to buy with Nepali farmer and even learned to bargain. After this we took a taxi and went shree's house.

We cut vegetable and made ready to make Momo. The first few momo was so funny that we laughed to ourselves but shree's wife encouraged us to make it even better and finally we made quite ok.
We used same momo for our lunch and we could eat as much as we can. It was so delicious better than we had on our trek.We had lots of fun, laugh and experience which we will never forget.

Thanks shree for a wonderful day! We will recommend anyone to take this course if they have day off.

Jørn K

Oct 15 2015

We did Mt.Everest base camp and Island Peak over 14days. Good and very experienced guides. Climbing guides had been on Mt.Everest 8 times. Very focused on safety. Base camp Island Peak impressed me with amazing food & service.Will come back soon with other group!

Jayson S

Oct 14 2015

After such an incredible previous experience trekking with my wife and Trekking Team Group, it was an easy decision to engage the professional team once again for a 19-day High Passes of Everest trek for a mate and I. As we had booked our trek post the heartbreaking earthquakes we were somewhat concerned about the extent of the devastation, us being a burden on the Nepalese people and of course our own safety. Thankfully our concerns were allayed. Yes, there was significant damage to many buildings on our trekking route but these are being repaired – the sound of hammers clinking continues from sunrise to sundown. The Nepalese people are getting on with their daily lives – the mountain people are very resilient. And, importantly, the Nepalese people are extremely happy to have tourists returning to the trails – many rely on the tourism industry to make a living.

In terms of safety, we couldn’t have been in safer hands with our knowledgeable guide Arjun, attentive porter Yokumar and the Trekking Team Group support crew back in Kathmandu. Given the impact of the earthquakes on the region and the reduced level of traffic on our selected route the team spent time each day chatting to the locals about the paths ahead and the possibility of accommodation – so we knew roughly what to expect and ensured our safe journey. For those aspects of the route the team considered unsafe we altered our trek and took an alternative route. The team truly regards safety as their paramount principle.

My mate and I had an amazing trek spending time with the beautiful Nepalese people, absorbing the breathtaking mountainous scenery, walking the tranquil forests and valleys and of course breaking ourselves over and over again as we made our way up the mountains… but it is so worth it.

If you are hesitant in travelling to Nepal post the earthquakes please for your own sanity and for the good of the Nepalese people please do make the journey. Like us you will not regret it. I also would highly recommend you engage Trekking Team Group to plan and guide your trek – they are knowledgeable, trustworthy and will ensure a safe, once in a lifetime experience.

KimOslo U

Oct 12 2015

Had an amazing trip with Trekking Team Group! Program was 14 days with Everest Basecamp, Kala Pattar and Island Peak on the program.

The guide, Arjion haf 18 years of experience and did his job very well! Carefully planned with enough time for aclimitizing.

I really recommend this company, and would use it myself again if coming to Nepal to hike/climb!

By Manfred

Oct 11 2015

“fünfmal in Nepal - fünfmal mit "Trekking Team Group"”...und immer sehr zufrieden!
Meine bisherigen Treks mit diesem Unternehmen: 10/99 Annapurna Basecamp und Chitwan NP - 10/01 Helambu Langtang und Chitwan NP - 03/04 Kalar Patar und Everest Basecamp - 11/06 Kali Gandaki Schlucht und Muktinath - 02-03/10 kurze Treks in der Umgebung von Kathmandu; Nargakot, Pewa See und von Jomosom bis Muktinath.

Mit meinen Gruppen von 4-12 Trekker/innen lernten wir nicht nur Land und Leute, sondern mit Hari Thapaliya auch sein Unternehmen "Trekking Team Group" kennen. Alle Treks wurden von diesem Team umsichtig und für uns erlebnisreich durchgeführt.
Insbesondere mit den beiden bestens ausgebildeten und Deutsch sprechenden Führern Arjun und Goku konnten die Trekstrecken und Aufenthalte unseren Wünschen problemlos angepaßt werden. Besonders zu erwähnen ist die Umsicht der Führer in kritischen Situationen (aufgebrochene Magengeschwüre). Ihre fachkundigen Erläuterungen zur Tier- und Pflanzenwelt haben uns sehr erfreut.
Durch Lodges- statt Zelttreks haben uns unsere Führer den Kontakt zu den Bewohnern ermöglicht. Wir konnten gemeinsam singen, tanzen und spielen.
Zu Hari, Arjun und Goku hat sich in den vielen Jahren ein fast familieres Verhältnis entwickelt. Die Führer und Träger sind, bezogen auf Kleidung und Schuhwerk, gut ausgerüstet. Besonders zu erwähnen ist ihr Einsatz auf sozialem Gebiet! Ich habe in einer Privatinitiative, zunächst allein und später mit einem Partner, Hilfsprojekte durchgeführt. Ohne die aktive Hilfe unserer Freunde hätten die Projekte nicht realisiert werden können.
In den vergangenen Jahren habe ich viele Kontakte von Interessenten zu diesem Team hergestellt. Und habe mich über ihre positiven Berichte gefreut.
Die "Trekking Team Group" ist mit ihrem Inhaber Hari Thapaliya ein kompetenter und sehr zu empfehlender Partner für alle Treks und Besichtigungen in Nepal. Ich werde mich auch bei meinen weiteren Touren diesem erfahrenem Team anvertrauen und mich umsorgen lassen.
Gern stehe ich auch anderen Interessenten mit meinem Rat zur Verfügung.
Namaste, Manfred Rödermund


Sep 25 2015

My first time in Nepal, June 2015. Got very good recommendation for this agency from a cousin of mine. We did almost three weeks long trek in Solokhumbu area including Island Peak summit. All the paperwork done by Trekking Team Group. The agency was amazingly fast and efficient. We sent them money ahead, which was good decision, since we only needed to spend a few hours in KTM (arrived Sunday evening, left Monday morning!) thanks to this. After our arrival, we were picked up at the airport, taken to the office where our permits, garbage deposits, Lukla air tickets etc. were ready for pick up. No waiting time, no problems, no worries, no excessive unnecessary expenses, very professional. After we got back they took care of our return flight reconfirmation and within a few minutes arranged us a daylong trip aroung KTM valley for price (for the car with the driver) better than we were able to negotiate with taxi drivers.

Absolute satisfaction, definitely will work with this agency next time again.
Nepal is safe after earthquake so no need to worry to visit this beautiful country..

Pavel Brantal
Czech Republic

Sep 21 2015

I was many times in Nepal and I always used the service of Trekking Team Group.

I can only recommend.

I know from other travellers that not always is the service on the right level.
If you travel to Nepal you meet every day smaller or bigger problem but the staff from Trekking Team Group always solved it really professional.

Pavel B
Czech Republic

Sep 21 2015

I was many times in Nepal and I always used the service of Trekking Team Group.

I can only recommend.

I know from other travellers that not always is the service on the right level.
If you travel to Nepal you meet every day smaller or bigger problem but the staff from Trekking Team Group always solved it really professional.

Franz Fischer

Sep 15 2015

“Trekking Team Group - absolut empfehlenswert”

Meine Empfehlung für "Trekking Team Group"”
Im Oktober 2005 führte mich mein Trekking über Gokyo - Cho La zum Kala Pattar und Everest Base Camp. Im Herbst 2008 umrundete ich mit meiner Frau die Annapurna. In beiden Fällen kontaktierte ich das Büro von Thapaliya Shreehari - Trekking Team Group.
Die von Shreehari gestellten Guides und Träger waren äußerst kompetent, umsichtig und hilfsbereit. Wurden von mir Sonderwünsche geäußert, wurden diese von Shreehari sogleich aufgenommen und umgesetzt. Die Fröhlichkeit der Guides und Träger dieses Teams begleitete uns jeden Tag - wir hatten sehr viel Spaß! Als meine Frau, ein weiteres befreundetes Ehepaar und ich im Herbst 2010 wiederum nach Nepal flogen und im Gebiet von Langtang-Gosainkund und Helambu ein Trekking unternahmen, musste meine Frau aufgrund einer Verletzung mit dem Helicopter in ein Hospital nach Kathmandu geflogen werden. Wir hatten dieses Trekking nicht über das Büro von Trekking Team Group organisiert. Trotzdem besuchte ich Thapaliya Shreehari in seinem Büro.
Als ich ihm vom Helicoptereinsatz erzählte, stellte er mir sofort sein Auto mit Fahrer - er war mir eine wertvolle Hilfe - zur Verfügung um alle notwendigen Aktionen und Formalitäten zu erledigen.
Hier zeigt sich die Qualität dieses Trekkingbüros und seinen Mitarbeitern. Obwohl ich bei Thapaliya Shreehari nicht gebucht hatte und er keinen Cent verdient hat, wurde mir von ihm sofort Hilfe angeboten - kostenlos wie er meinte: " Das ist doch selbstverständlich!"
Ich kann "Trekking Team Group" unter Thapaliya Shreehari wirklich sehr empfehlen. In dieses Unternehmen habe ich absolutes Vertrauen gefasst und ich freue mich auf das nächste Trekking mit diesem Team.

Franz und Inge Fischer

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