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Flora | Fauna Study

Flora and fauna diversity is a notable feature of Nepal. Nepal has a sharp climatic variation from subtropical to alpine within the short span of less than 200km (from north to south). The altitude varies from about 60m above the sea level in the south lowland to 8.848m in the north.Because of this altitude variation, it is possible to find very many varieties of plants in Nepal. Also Nepal’s eastern plain receives one of the most rainfall in the world and the north-western highlands receive hardly any rainfall. Nepal, therefore, carries an amazing climatic variations within a small landmass. This country also carries a great potential to carry research on plant varieties possible nowhere in the world in a single landmass.


  • Tropical Deciduous Monsoon Forest: (up to 100m)
  • Subtropical Mixed Evergreen Forest: (1100m to 2400m)
  • Temperate Evergreen Forest: (2500m to 4000m)
  • Subalpine and Alpine Zone: (above 4000m)

For those especially interested in more in depth study of Nepal’s rich and diverse flora and fauna Trekking team group can arrange a tour with a specialist guides in variety of different location all around Nepal. The fabulous tour, the variety of wilderness areas and see some of the best flora and fauna in Nepal .Very informative and interesting tour.

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