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By James Peterson, United Kingdom

Friendly, eco-friendly and so much more!

My group and I trekked up Poon Hill with our guides Bir and Bim. I loved this trek – it was a fun challenge which we were more than rewarded for with stunning views of some of the tallest and most beautiful mountains in the world – Dhaulagiri, Annapurnas, Fishtail.... Both guides were both fantastic for the following reasons. First, there was a high degree of professionalism. They knew the route well and all the hotels were booked beforehand. Everything ran perfectly smoothly and there were no organizational issues. Secondly, Bir and Bim are both really friendly guys. Both speak excellent English and I had lengthy conversations with both, which I enjoyed very much. They also joined in with card games our group was playing and showed us a couple of their own. Thirdly, Bir and Bim were always supportive of anyone falling behind in the group. One of them would always hang back with that person to ensure they did not get lost, which I personally appreciated. Finally, Bir and Bim (and Trekking Team Group generally) were highly eco-friendly in their approach to trekking. They encouraged us not to use plastic bottles and to instead use our own drinking bottles. To help us with this, Bir carried a UV light water filter which he used regularly to clean water in our bottles whenever we refilled them. It filtered the water very effectively and proved indispensable throughout the trek. I am grateful that he had it. Overall, I loved my experience trekking with Trekking Team Group. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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