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Trekking in Nepal Without a Guide: A Guide is Now Required

A Guide is Now Required !!

In a recent announcement, Nepal's Tourism Board (NTB) has revised the regulations for foreigners trekking in the mountains of Nepal. Starting from March 31, 2023, all trekkers must have a licensed trekking guide and obtain a Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) Card through authorized trekking agencies registered with the Nepali government. These changes have been made to ensure the safety and security of visitors trekking in protected areas of Nepal.

The decision was made following consultations with Nepali trekking and expedition stakeholders and relevant trade unions. The new regulation will help mitigate risks associated with trekking in Nepal, such as getting lost, health issues, and natural disasters. The immediate access to a professional support system provided by the licensed guide will also address the challenges of rescue operations in case of any unwarranted situation.

Apart from safety, the new provision is expected to create employment opportunities for workers in the tourism sector of Nepal and discourage unauthorized trekking operations. Additionally, the fee for the TIMS Card has been revised to NPR 1000.00 for SAARC citizens and NPR 2000.00 for non-SAARC citizens.

By implementing these new regulations, the Nepali government hopes to promote sustainable, responsible, and eco-friendly tourism in the Himalayan region of Nepal.

If you are planning to trek in Nepal, it is crucial to be aware of these new requirements and plan accordingly. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in fines or deportation. Therefore, it is important to choose a reputable trekking agency or guide that is registered with the Nepali government to ensure the safety and security of your trekking experience.

In conclusion, while the new regulations may seem inconvenient for some trekkers, they ultimately aim to improve safety and security for all. By hiring a licensed guide, you can not only ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience but also support the local economy.

Happy trekking!

Nepal Tourism Board Press Release
Fig.1 - Nepal Toursim Board Press Release
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