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Why Langtang trek should be in your bucket list?

Nepal is blessed geographical landscapes that cater to several hidden journey activities. There are many trekking places in Nepal where you can trek and most of them may be on your bucket list. Likewise, Langtang trek is one of them which should be on your bucket list. 

For decades, a Langtang trek was high on several trekkers’ bucket list: the attractive Langtang valley was the third of the good trekking areas of Nepal – only Solu Khumbu and also the Annapurna region saw a lot of visitors. however in recent years, Langtang has become higher renowned for one thing else – the devastation wreaked on the most village throughout the earthquake of 2015. Wherever several villages around Nepal saw the vital damage, high on top of Langtang village, a part of the good peak of Langtang Lirung sheared off, and a large avalanche of ice and rock buried homes and lodges.

Many died and, clearly, folks stayed away for a time. However, the extant families have worked improbably hard to urge back on their feet. Trekking trails area unit open all over again, lodges are rebuilt, and also the depression will yet again be visited. There are some improbably painful sights and stories, after all – a large fan of gray rock covers the world wherever the village once stood, and close families lost several wanted ones. however that's no reason to show away, and also the folks of Langtang don’t need sympathy. They just need travelers to come, as they continuously had before.

Some reasons Why Langtang trek should be on your bucket list?

Langtang is spectacularly beautiful

Langtang Valley Trek is the combination of the remote and spectacular valley of Langtang, with the high mountain lakes at Gosainkunda and the beautiful Helambu Valley. In Langtang Region, there is Langtang National Park where you can find different kinds of flora and fauna. It will take you to the trek to the end of the valley to view the wonderful ice flutes of Gyangchempo. The view from Langtang Region is priceless and the trek is more adventurous. The area is quiet because only a few tourists visit here. Trekking to the Langtang region offers an opportunity to explore ethnic villages, oldest monasteries, and other small peaks.

Easy access to Langtang treks

If you want to walk at Langtang Valley you can get all the means from the outskirts of Kathmandu, climbing through Helambu and past the holy lakes of Gosainkund, before dropping into the Langtang depression itself. As an alternative, a half-day auto ride can deliver you to Syabru Besi, at the bottom of the depression – from wherever 3 days of light climbing can get you to Langtang or Kyanjin Gompa at the top of the depression, with no high passes to cross.

Diverse cultures and landscapes

As you rise through Helambu, the lower a part of the Langtang natural depression, you’ll experience rich forests that are stuffed with birds and therefore the occasional monkey. Tamang villagers grow their crops on steep terraces. Slowly you’ll undergo to thin pinewoods split by waterfalls. and so on to the high natural depression with yak pastures, open skies and glaciers, and therefore the homes of the Langtang people. Throughout the Langtang/Helambu region, you’ll notice a number of the most effective flower arrangements in Nepal and a mix of cultures from Newari, Hindu, Tamang, Bhotia and Sherpa communities. The Langtang valley is blessed naturally with stunning landscapes. Since completely different caste folks live there thus there'll be the variety of cultures.

It's quiet - so you can experience much more than elsewhere

Langtang Trek is the trek which escapes you from the busy trails and teahouses. People in Langtang Valley are very much helpful and they will welcome you with the delightful smile. In Langtang, native Nepali individuals are incredibly keen to check trekkers return – and therefore the welcome you receive are genuinely warm and sometimes emotional. You don't know about the history of that place doesn't matter because Nepal's Langtang is a special part of the world. Trekking on Langtang takes you to the place where you can get richer insights beneath the great snow mountains.

Off the beaten path experience

Most of the people who visit Nepal are mountain lovers or trekkers. And they prefer to go Everest or Annapurna region because these are heavily explored and highly crowded during peak seasons. Except these Lantang is also a place where most of the people want to come. Visit Langtang if you want to explore the utmost of nature’s beauty and enjoy the less crowded peaceful walking experiencing the hypnotizing natural scenery, rural life, diverse culture, flora, and fauna. Langtang trek is for those who love to walk on natural trail experiences with the rural lifestyle, diverse culture and other hidden treasure. 

Low-risk factors

Trekking on the higher altitude mountain range region consists of severe risk and possess high threats to one’s life. The path of the trekking to the higher altitude region has the slippery path and narrow ways due to that a traveler could endure many unseen and surprising hindrance. Trekking within the Langtang region, however, could be a completely different story which can involve a lesser adventurous journey at a comparably lower elevation than the Everest or Annapurna regions. The path of this trekking is wide and is far safer than higher altitude trekking as a result of there's no risk of obtaining hit by a falling rock on the trail and additionally, the trail is dry. the chance of being hit by a falling rock is close to zero and there are lesser slippery trails. the possibilities of effort high hypoxia also are considerably below different infamous trekking trails. however, the experiences of the journey and also the joy nonheritable are unique and equally invaluable.

Alluring views of mountains

Langtang depression, being the smallest amount standard region of trekking within the range of mountains region, has a lot of to supply than one will suppose off. Langtang Region is that the most extraordinary depression on the earth with spectacular and luxurious snow cap mountain vistas. Trekkers extending their trip will reach the highest of Tserko RI and Ganja La Pass and have a glimpse of the Langtang region development itself with astounding views of Annapurna, Ganapati Himal and Manaslu on the horizon. Besides, the depression itself is adorned with the likes of Langtang Lirung, Gangchhenpo, Dorje Lakpa and Langshisha.

Buddhist monasteries

People in this high and isolated region are of Tibetan origin and that they follow Buddhism. Throughout the path towards Langtang depression, one will witness many Buddhist monasteries, brightly painted Chhortens, Mani walls, flutter prayer flags and Tibetan titled homes scattered at a bit distance. These observations would undoubtedly draw a sense of tranquility and peace of mind whereas trotting on the uneven methods.

Gosaikunda lake and Kyanjin Gompa

Gosaikunda lake and Kyanjin gompa are the two renowned journey sites in Langtang depression. Gosainkunda additionally referred to as solidified lake, maybe a holy journeying site for the Hindus and contains a stunning sight to behold. the area contains a cluster of lakes as well as the holy Gosainkunda – the third one in each of them. This lake is set at the peak of 4,380m from the sea level. the opposite attraction of Langtang depression is Kyanjin Gompa- a religious residence of Buddhist is meant to be 400 years old. The religious residence is one among the foremost important religious sites in Langtang region. These sites are valued exploring.

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