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Things to do when you arrive into Nepal during Festival

Planning for Trekking in Nepal is a great decision to spend your holidays. Most of the time your holiday falls under some festival times like Christmas and New year. So what to do if your journey falls under the festival time. And you do have a time limit for your journey and you are Trekking in Nepal.

You are trekking in Nepal and on the way or middle of your journey, any kind of community festival falls then you will enjoy the time by celebrating that festival. But you just arrived in Nepal and it's a festival day then what to do because most of the companies will be closed due to a public holiday. Then how to utilize the day except sleeping at your hotel.

What can you do if you arrive into Nepal during the festival time?

You will be involved in many festivals while trekking in Nepal and some fall on the middle of your journey and some at the time of arrival. The festival falls on the middle of your journey won't be problematic but if the journey falls at the arrival day then that will be problematic. You have to face a lot of problems during that time.

First of all, your one day will be wasted according to your journey schedule so that sometimes you have to extend your holiday and that may be problematic for you. After that, you may not get a vehicle or flight to travel from one city to another. And the main thing you don't have the plan for that extra day so you have to stay in the room.

Staying at a hotel room won't be a good idea so here is some list of things which you can do:

Visit the heritage sites of Kathmandu

During the festival time, the place will be crowdy where the actual festival falls i.e. there will be certain places where there will be the crowd. If the festival is a local festival then the local area will be crowdy and if it's Christmas or New Year or any kind of public festival then certain places will be crowdy like Malls, Bhatbhatani will be crowded during Christmas and New Year; Specific place will be crowdy during a public festival. And you want to avoid the crowd.


Think once, all the crowd will be at a specific place and people rarely visit the heritage sites during that day. So that takes a tour around the heritage sites of Kathmandu. Because you will be at Kathmandu on the arrival day so it is the best idea to visit heritage sites of Kathmandu. And you will get awesome time to explore the heritage site and the main thing is the place won't be crowdy and you can enjoy fully.

Take part in the festival (if you want)

If you want to know the culture and eager to view the festival view of Kathmandu then instead of sitting in a hotel room; you can come out from the room and visit the place where the festival is. You can get a chance to enjoy your day, know the culture, and also get amazing festival pictures.

If it is not a public festival and instead of that it is the Christmas time or New Year then you can do a lot of things. Mainly Youngsters celebrate this festival because most of the citizen of Nepal are Hindu and this festival doesn't fall under Hindu culture. Due to which the festival party will be at the mall, Bhatbhatani or in the tourist area.

So that you can visit different Malls, resorts or restaurant to enjoy this day and enjoy the live concert if there is any. The day or night won't be wasted by sitting in the hotel room. You will be enjoying the festival light of the Kathmandu in the leisure time.

What next???

End of the festival time now what next? The usual planned schedule to be executed. The plan to trek in Nepal, the plan to be on the top of the mountains. Whatever the plan is to execute the plan. Your plan may include some Luxury Trek or some adventurous treks to different ends of the mountains.

If you have not made any plans then there are lots of options for trekking in Nepal. You can choose from the list. Each and every part of Nepal you go will be just amazing and you will get the memorable trek. Here is some list of places where you can go if you have not made any further plan after entering Nepal.

Amazing picturesque view of Upper Mustang, a perfect place to go for trekking during your holiday

Except for these treks, there are a lot of choices for you to choose from. So at first, you have to be sure about what you want to do. You want to trek and visit the Himalayan regions, tour around the cities, or you want to spend some more time in the same city so that you can know the difference between the festival and non-festival city.


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