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Our Philosophy

Trekking Team Group is an adventure tour operator. It gives utmost importance on environment protection and promotes social responsibility and ‘green tourism’. It is an advocate and follower of the five principles of IPPG. We do not wash with green as many others do. We implement all of our policies from office to the field. The following are our environmental and responsible tourism policies:

Treking Team Philosophy

Sustainability is a tradition at Trekking Team Group


When making an itinerary

Environmental and social impacts are firmly anchored in our mission since the company was founded in 1991. This can be noticed today in all areas of our company. When we make an itinerary we consider of using less flight and private transport if possible. This will save fuel and preserve environment. We do not sell or encourage any heli tours as it has huge impact on environment. Every small detail is taken care of while preparing an itinerary. We mostly use accommodation owned by the locals during our trips.

Green Energy in the office

We have solar energy in our office and 90% of energy we consume is solar power installed in the roof top.We use power saver bulb in the office and switch off all light and computer when they are not needed.When we buy stationery we buy in bulk. It saves fuel and cost.As a responsible tour operator we have minimised our paper by creating online brochures and e-news letters. If really necessary we print on both side of the paper in order to save tree.

On the field

We use local guides and use accommodation owned by the locals. We use even home stay to get real experience of Nepali life.We mostly use locally produced organic food whenever possible in our trip and discourage the use of imported foods to our clients.We use solar panels at base camp of our all climbing trips of the Himalaya, which plays very important role in environment conservation.We use gas or kerosene for cooking in our camping treks to protect the forest. This replaces fire woods and reduces gas emissions.We leave every campsite cleaner than before (when we arrived). We dispose all rubbish at the nearest facility or carry them back to city for proper disposal or recycling.We minimise the use of water and never pollute the sources with soap or rubbish wastage.

We are against plastic

The biggest success of our environment policy is to help the mission of TAP (Travellers against Plastic). We provide water bottle and filter for the group trips so that you do not have to buy a mineral water. This will save environment and money. We never recommend trekkers to buy bottled water. Filtered, boiled or purified water is the best options in the mountains.

Animal protection

We do not use animals during our trekking holidays. We use porters to carry the luggage whenever needed. Welfare of animals is equally important for us. Our goal is not to be a cause or supporter of animal suffering. Therefore, we do not enjoy activities involving animals.

We do not offer elephant safari and also do not use mule/Jokpe to carry the luggage during our trekking holidays. An elephant has to do two or more times safari which gives not enough time to eat and rest. Most of the elephants are chained and we are against it. We do not use Jokpe and Mule for carrying the backpack because owners load more luggage to the animal to make more money. We are very proud to be one and only tour operator supporting animal's welfare in Nepal.

Children Protections

Trekking Team Group is a member and supporter of The Code. This is an industry-driven responsible tourism initiative with a mission to provide awareness to the tourism industry in order to prevent the sexual exploitation of the children. We all dream of a world where children are safe and free. We have trained our staff to play invaluable role and support this project. No children are offered to work in our office or in the fields.

Walk on the road

With Trekking Team Group, most of your journey will be in the nature on foot. This is good for the body and soul and protects the environment.

No superfluous luxury

During the trek you usually sleep in the family owned guesthouse and in the cities in middle-class hotels. Activities we offer are suitable for the country and are close to nature. Luxury programmes like Heli skiing, Heli tours are not the parts of Trekking Team Group.

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