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These are handful people among our thousands of happy customer from over 25 years running trip in the Himalayas.


Dec 21 2022

Just get back from a 4 days trek in the Annapurna. The whole family (2 kids) really enjoy the journey to poon hill. Birman our fellows guide was really nice helpful and friendly. You can not go wrong to go with this company !!!

By Alaric

Nov 23 2022

I arrived at Gokyo after visiting E.B.C. of Nepal on November 1st this year. I fell in love with the area at first glance. My group planned to walk along the glacier to see more lakes that afternoon. But it was foggy and chilly cold so we went back to the lodge shortly after departure. Luckly, the next morning was sunny and the sky was clear - ideal weather to climb Gokyo Ri. When we finally got to the top of Gokyo Ri, I was totally moved by the snow-coverd mountains, gorgeous glacier and beautiful apline lakes. The spectacular scenery has been carved into my mind and I've decided going back to Gokyo someday in the future.
Besides, I'm grateful for our guides Arjun for your accompany and lovely song; Karma, for carrying my backpack. If anyone who plans to climb Gokyo Ri., please take your time and adjust your breath, because the height gap is more than 500m (from 4,800m to 5,360m), and it'll be dangerous to walk too fast in such high altitude.
To those who love nature, I would suggest Gokyo without hesitation. You can get there through Chola Pass (after E.B.C.), or directly from Namche. No matter which way you choose, just enjoy the spectacular view. Highly recommend my tour Operator Trekking Team Group and Guide Arjun!

Marie Lønberg

Nov 23 2022

We had a very interesting and good experience with TTG. They followed our wish to make a flexible trip with possibilities to take day hikes, side trips and so on. We visited the world second highest bungyjump place (did not try it though but fun to look at), Kalopeni (with view of 2 Mountain over 8000m!), beautiful and quiet Titi lake, Marpha (charming Apple Town) Muktinath (cold but very intens religious atmosphere at the temple), Jomsom (views from the hotelroom of the small planes land and arrive at the airport strip) and hot springs and a waterfall in Tatopeni. First we planned on going with just a jeep and a driver. But we decided to take a guide with us. And this was a really good idea! The guide Bijay Pathak, was very good to find places we liked, both when it came to accomodation, day hikes, food we should try and so on. He was ready to change the itinary if he or we heard of a good place to visit, or when one of us got sick for a day. He even brought carsick medicine for our daughter (he is a pharmacist apart from guide). He was very good with 3 our kids (6, 8, 11 years) and they played a lot of cardgames with him! We also will like to highlight our driver. The roads in Lower mustang was very bad some places when we were there. And it is very bumpy and narrow. Our driver was very experienced (12 years experience in that area). We felt safe with him. He also had some good ideas and tips for places to go and hotels and restaurants to visit. All in all our warmest recommendations on going with Team Trekking Group on a family Jeep trip in the lower mustang area.

Martin P

Oct 26 2022

Best holiday ever, thank You Shreehari and all your team from Kathmandu! Great people, great country, great services - we would be lost without You :)

Lucka R
Czech Republic

Oct 25 2022

First or any-time in Nepal? Go Trekking Team Group!

As a "first time to Nepal group" we did a research about trekking groups etc. before flight and finally chose TTG on recommendation of our friend. After our landing in Kathmandu we just knew that everything will be alright, cause these guys from TTG rocks! They covered everything, truly everything, from the very first pick up at the airport with a bunch of stuning flower necklases, over whole trek up there to a final good bye :). Our guide, Birman (no Beerman! More like NObeeratallman), did a stunning job and after a few hours we felt like 6 friends on the trip rather than 5 tourists and all knowing guide. We did some interesting sightseeing in Kathmandu and at the end of the day moved towards the mountains. In Lukla we got accompanied by 2 local porters, really calm, friendy and quiet (till we played cards against them) guys and trek was finally on! We did Renjo La trek with these guys in absolutely stunning weather.

In following part I will try my best to answer your silent questions, ok?
Do you want to know everything about Yetti? Go with TTG!
Do you want to learn at least basics (no chance, sorry :) ) about all the gods and their reincarnations? Go with TTG!
Do you want to try to live as native and collect Yak s@*t into forehead carried basket? Go with TTG!
Do you want to play card games like a master after two weeks? Go TTG!
Do you want to try the best local MOMO dumplings and dal bhat (by your bare left hand)? Go TTG!
and finally...
Do you want to experience the himalayas with respect for native people and nature?
Then pick Trekking team group and enjoy!
Guys, many thanks for your support and work,
greetings from the Czech Republic

Vladimir Chlebek
Czech Republic

Oct 24 2022

Manaslu Circuit trek in October 2022

In October 2022 my wife and me spent a 3 week holiday in Nepal using the services of Treking Team Group ( TTG ) in Kathmandu and its speciality - Manaslu circuit. Before I will briefly describe what happened I have to write here down that this copmany is fully professional, with long history of serving their clients all over the world. After the arrival at the Tribhuvan international airport in Kathmandu we easily found the representative of TTG ( the nephew of the director ) who was already waitig for us in the arrival hall. He was waiting inside the building while the other companies have been waiting outside it near the parking place. I forgot to ask why but after the long all night flight it was pleasant to find our parnter so quickly. After the short drive ( with a comfortable and clean car ) we were warmly welcome by Srihari - the director of TTG at the simple but comfortable Mandala Boutique Hotel near the Thamel - turistic centre of Kathmandu. On the next day together Srihari and his nephew showed us the "best of" Kathmandu with interesting explanation of the history and presence of the Nepal capital. In the aftrenoon at the hotel they introduced us our trekking guide Hari and detailly explained our trip. They also were very helpful to buy some small missing things that we were supposed to have in the mountains. The situation up there was not ideal, better said it was complicated because of unexpeted snowfall in the previous days and also because of massive landslides on the trek. We agreed on slightly modified program because of all this unexepcted issues and next morning we left the hotel for Soti Khola. Next day we started our 15 days trek of the Manaslu circuit with in four : my wife and me, our guide Hari and Omis - the porter. During these 15 days we not only passed the highest point of the trek : Larke Pass - 5109 meters of altitude but also did several whole day aclimatisation but interesting sidetrips to the places like Punggen Gumba monastery, Manaslu Base Camp, Tibetian border, Ponkar Lake and many half day walks aside. During these 15 days we hade to declare several times that we have the best guide on the trek. Even in the complicated situations ( when some groups gave up and return ), like the massive landslide between Jagat and Deng, he always knew what to do and always found out simple and save solution. Real proffesional! Thanks to him we were able to fully enjoy the trekking days in the altitudes over 4500 meters and crossing the Larke Pass was nearly "icing on the cake". During the days we did not have any altitude disease, diarrhea problems, lack of equipment, no uncertain points. And after more than 2 weeks in the mountains we were warmly welcome by Srihari in Kathmandu at the same hotel with a feeling that we returned home. Again TTG - these are guys that know what they are doing! Highly recommended.

Marta A

Aug 31 2022

Upper Mustang trek and Jeep tour

Hi, I had my experience with Trekking Team Group and it was really positive. We were a group of three and wrote them in the end of July for a quick planning of a trip to Upper Mustang mid August. The usual tour is scheduled to 12 days but we only had 8 days, so we came up with the specific request to have a mixed trekking-jeep tour in order to save time and fit it to our need. They were really quick to collect our request and set up an 8 days tour, leaving for Pokhara. The price they proposed was really competitive too. Our guide for those days was Bir and we had great time with him. He is very experienced and careful to our needs during the day, the treks, meals and places we slept at. He is also very passionate about letting us know the culture of the region and of Nepal in general. Always ready to answer to the hundreds of questions I was making him! Also, I think he was flexible to change the program of the trip according to our request: we wanted to trek "as much as possible" (still according to our physical conditions!) and after knowing each other, and having seen our ability and commitment to trek, Bir managed to arrange very beautiful trekking stages that suited out level. In summary, I really recommend to pick Trekking Team Group (and Bir!) for a trek in Nepal. I (we) will try to come back as well for some Himalaya experience soon!


Mar 17 2022

Kaligandaki Valley trek in March

I did extensive research before deciding on Trekking Team Group and it was fantastic. Fast responsive, they advised me on alternatives based on my interest/time/budget. The experience on site was awesome. Guide, driver, car, hotels, lodges, hikes, food, was top notch. Birman the guide was resourceful, always in a good move and a mine of information on history, geography and spirituality. Good value for money. I look forward to more trips together.

Brian M

May 14 2021

The best family trek to Everest Base Camp!

What an amazing trek in the mountains with Trekking Team Group! we are a family of 5 and Shreehari, Ram, Dhawa and Chandra took such wonderful care of us. we have 3 youngish children (ages 13, 11 and 11) and they brought us such a memorable family experience that had a safety focus which we appreciated. Ram was a patient and informative guide, showing us the wonders of the trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and pointing us nuances and subtleties along the way that we would never have noticed without an experienced and caring guide. Dhawa and Chandra lugged our families baggage and shared their experience and family stories, we were so grateful for their presence and hard work. Shree organized and managed the challenges of domestic flights despite complicated weather and COVID obstacles. Even after return to Kathmandu and end of the trek he continued to support us with charter flight information and liaison with travel companies to smooth our departure from Nepal. We'd recommend the services of Trekking Team Group to anyone coming to the area and hope to return someday to hike some more with them!

James C Kennedy
United States of America

Apr 20 2021

Mera Peak

After Argentina cancelled the Aconcagua season, I decided to continue training and attempt Mera Peak. The trek is generally challenging but was further complicated by the on-going pandemic and complex rules of Nepal to ensure the safety of climbers during these times. I reached out to Trekking Team Group and Shreehari was fantastic in making all the necessary reservations and assisting with the process. After I made my reservations, Nepal relaxed some of the more cumbersome rules, especially around the visa process (when I arrived, they were beginning to issue visas at the Kathmandu airport instead of being required to have them prior to landing). I wanted to utilize the same guide, Birman Tamang, who assisted me with Everest Base Camp (EBC). Although Birman is not a mountaineering guide, Shreehari agreed and was able to arrange a very experienced Sherpa to guide us up the mountain during the final days of the trek. Also, given that I had already purchased most of my gear for Aconcagua, I decided to bring my own mountain climbing equipment instead of renting (which I would highly recommend). This added additional weight, so I opted to hire an additional porter to ensure that no one carried too much during the journey. We started with the usual flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and took the long way to Mera Peak (via Nashing Dingma and Chunbu Kharka) to provide additional time to acclimatize. The landscape is varied from forest to rocks on the side of rivers to mountains. There are many instances where you gain a few thousand feet of elevation only to lose it and make it up again in the same day. Physical preparation is critical but having a good sense of humor and openness to the experience to ensure that mentally you are prepared for the final part of the experience is key. There were a few teams that we heard about prior to our assent and the success rate was typically around 50%, so we knew it would be a challenge to get to the top. We had a thunderstorm in the hours before our final summit that turned into a snowstorm, which made each step up the mountain feel like three (and the only thing we saw reflecting in our headlamps was the newly falling snow). It certainly helped that the person who was tied to me at the other end of the rope was the same person who had gotten me to Everest Base Camp and I had spent the prior 12 or so days with getting to upper camp. We started our summit push at 2am and were on top of Mera Peak by 7am. Having last been in Nepal in 2018, there is a stark contrast with the low number of trekkers in the country today due to Covid. Mera Peak is typically a less traveled route, but we primarily only saw other trekking teams towards the end of our journey. Fortunately, many more people were starting their Mera Peak attempt during our final few days, so seems like there is a little recovery in the trekking industry. Nepal is very conscious of Covid with mask requirements, testing to enter the country and various other precautions throughout the experience. Shreehari was able to provide information and help that allowed me to complete an incredible experience. Trekking Team Group is a company that I would highly recommend today or whenever you feel comfortable traveling again.

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