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Newly opened trek to get the great experience of Trekking in Nepal

Where do you want to go for trekking same place as usual or want to try something new, new place and new experience? There are many places which are recently opened and lots of places are not explored yet. Among them, Tsum Valley is one which is recently opened for trekking with the mysterious glimpse of mountains and the surrounding environment, isolated culture, and unique place where you can involve into Tibetan and Nepali culture at a time.

Why travel the same old place try something new with the new experience. Tsum Valley Trek welcome you with qualitative experience of trekking in a remote area with great experience. Try something new to get something new. Why so old try some new places for trekking.

Some interesting facts about Tsum Valley

At first, this Tsum Valley is newly opened for tourist so that there are lots of places to be explored and a lot of new cultures, art, and many more to explore.

The unique and mix culture of Tibet and Nepal adds flavor so that peoples are attracted towards it's new and unfold place with amazing culture.

The trail to reach this Tsum Valley is a fling with artistic chortens and the paths are paved with stone and also carved in it.

Paved stone with carved

There is a believed that the great Buddhist saint Milarewa ruminated in the mountain caves. So that there are many Buddhist and Buddhist tales are famous around there.

Beside this, you can have the most dazzling, amazing glimpse of the mountains from the valley. And during the clear weather, you can get the magical view of Ganesh Himal, Buddha Himal, and Sringi Himal.

Amazing view of Ganesh Himal from Tsum Valley

Beauty encloses the darker side and presents only the beautiful side likewise this Tsum Valley is an amazing place but when you go closer and know better then you will know still there are some rituals which we cannot accept. Still some places are backward and still, there is a ritual to do polygamy.

Besides all these beautiful sides and darker side people are interested to visit this place and want to know more and more about this place. Maybe the increase in interest of people to visit this place swept away the darker side. 

Although this place is backward people are visiting this place again and again, Why?

The unique culture, beautiful views of mountains, unique tradition and recently opened place is attracting people again and again. As we know there is mix civilization of Tibetan people and Nepali people so that the culture and tradition will be different which we haven't seen yet.

Language will be different that is obvious but you will find differences in food, the food will indicate the culture of two different places. You can get the combo offer of food i.e. the food with Tibetan and Nepali flavor. Otherwise, a new food with new taste and the new structure can surprise you. 

The Valley may be small or it seems to be narrow enclosed between mountains and hills, the trail to reach this place is just amazing. The trail will surprise you with its beauty and also the uniqueness. On the way, you will view the waterfall, not so big but it is enough to get an amazing view.

You can hear the running water sound throughout your trail while crossing from mountains and stiffy ways. The path is full of beautiful views and during winter season snow falls and you can play with snowfall. 

Which time will be the best time for this Tsum Valley Trek?

Throughout the year you can trek this valley. This Tsum Valley will always welcome you with their unique and traditional way. Summer, Autumn, and Winter throughout these three seasons you can get great experience to visit this place. You will be blessed with a stunning glimpse, easy way, and less difficulty.

Path to Tsum Valley

Apart from this, you can trek during Monsoon season but the trail may be slippery because of rainfall due to which there is a high risk of falling down from high place to the river. So it is better not to trek during Winter Season. 

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